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We Are Re-Opening as of July 6, 2020!!

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Attain Athletics

Circa 2012

Caledonia’s first functional fitness gym. 

We are a strength and conditioning facility which employs various athletic and sport training methodologies and constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.

Our workouts include gymnastics (body weight), plyometrics (jumping/landing) Powerlifting (Deadlift, back squat, bench press), Olympic weightlifting (clean and jerk, snatch), throwing and controlling external objects (medicine ball), Strongman ( farmer’s carry, atlas stones, lifting heavy objects), Kettlebells, running, rowing, and rope climbs.

We program our workouts to stimulate your body’s various energy pathways (phosphagen, anaerobic, and aerobic)

Mixing functional movement together will allow diversity in our training regimen.

Attain’s focus is on helping our athletes work towards their GPP (general physical preparedness.) We do so by incorporating various aspects of training methods on a daily basis.

We encourage our athletes to participate a minimum of 3 classes a week. Ideally the preferred prescription for participating is 3 days on followed by 1 day off. Second best is 5 days on 2 days off.

Our athletes vary in age from 12-70+yrs of age. Attain will teach an athlete (YOU) how to move properly and safely. Once the basic movements are learned we will be able to start more advanced movements and incorporate the movements in our WODs (workout of the day.)

Additionally we offer Nutrition coaching and our revere for optimal eating habits will allow you too gain the fullest degree of athleticism. You will be coached and educated on balanced dietary choices.

We have been helping people change their lives for almost a decade. Come in and see what your are missing.

Programs and Packages

Elite Fitness Program

Regular adult participation in daily WODs.  Challenging workouts in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Always scaleable to your personal needs.

$180 /month

Subject to HST

Masters 55+

Workouts geared towards the active masters.  Customized to maximize health and fitness in the more life experienced individual.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am


Subject to HST

Hybrid Nutrition and Elite Fitness

Regular adult participation in daily WODs combined with a personalized Nutrition Plan to maximize fitness and health gains.  Challenging workouts in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Always scaleable to your personal needs.

$239 /month

Subject to HST


Get your sweat on in these fast paced, variety packed sessions!  3 times per week: Mondays @7:30pm, Wednesdays @7:30pm, and Saturdays @9:00am.  6-8 week sessions, price varies accordingly.  Contact us for details.

No Sweat Intro.

A 30 minute no charge consultation.  Come in, sit down with a coach and we will set up a game plan customized to your goals.

By Appointment Only

No Sweat Intro

Attain Athletics Coaches

Nic McCollum

Nic McCollum

Owner, Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids

Melissa Carson

Melissa Carson

Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach (PN1), CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer.

Jennifer Richards

Jennifer Richards


CrossFit level 1, Brand X Kids

Lizzie Bradley

Lizzie Bradley


Justin Spoelstra

Justin Spoelstra



"Give Me Just A Few Short Hours Per Week And I'll Help You Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life"

Don’t struggle on your own. Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert nutrition coaching and accountability from Melissa Carson.  

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Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2020/10/20 @ 12:30
What does it take?

Action.. not drastic or all at once..just small CONSISTANT steps matter how tiny the need to continue to keep yourself in motion.. objects in motion stay in motion.

HIT the link in our Bio - book some time with us and let's get you moving towards your goals.

Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2020/10/19 @ 17:05
Why is our programing so great at eliciting adaptations (changes) in your body?

Let's break it down..

We program based on the idea of general physical preparedness.. Meaning whatever we throw at you.. Whether it be a run or some weightlifting or a combination of the two, you will be well versed to take it on.

🏋️‍♀️What does this look like in your training? A diverse and ever changing workout experience. NEVER BORED.

🏋️‍♂️ How does this get you Fit? We constantly keep you exposed to a wide range of stimuli (exercises, load, time, volume and complexity) to maximize your RESULTS!

🤸‍♀️Its not all about constantly varied exercises though, most classes begin with a strength or skill component to allow you the opportunity to build a solid foundation in strength training. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the house.

At the end of the day?! What does this all mean to you? SHOW UP and you will not only look and feel great, you will be injury resistant, mentally strong and chasing your kids and grandkids around!

Visit our website. Book a time to come see us - no charge, no obligations.. Just potentially the easiest step you can take on the journey to changing your life.
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2020/10/04 @ 18:31
Usually a tough love response when we get this question...first place to look👀 is You.

Are you making EXCUSES?!🤷‍♀️

Likely. We all have made excuses one time or another. But time to rip the band-aid of...

Excuses are just *MADE UP* rationalizations we tell ourselves about situations, people, events so that we feel comfortable again. They defend our behavior, justify why we can post pone action, and allow us to deflect responsibility.

1.) After the day I had, who could blame me for eating crap or skipping a workout. I deserve some couch time!

2.) I would look like that too If I had the... Time, Money, Genes? Ect.

Real fitness or health requires a very deep level of honesty. If you want to push through plateaus and go to the next level then come see us. Our coaches help you train but they provide perspective, knowledge, push you through these mental moments, give support and CARE.

First excuses to ditch?!
1.)"I will start tomorrow"
- 🙅‍♀️Start now!
2.) "I need to lose a few lbs first"
- 🙅‍♀️that is the whole point!? again Start now!

#training #trainforlive #mentaltoughness #getyourshittogether
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2020/10/02 @ 14:47
Training will always be more then just the physical. It's a gift or an opportunity that has the potential to make every aspect of our lives better. Whether It be Physical or Mental strength, Confidence, Perseverance, Focus... The list goes on. The last few months have taken a toll on these areas and More. What can you do? Make yourself resistant to the worlds current dilemmas both physically and mentally! Check us out - let us show you how great it feels to make yourself a priority.

REMEMBER : You can't control others or what's going on in the world - but - you can control your response to it.

#health#caledonia#takecareofyourself #mentalhealth #strength #weightlifting #controlthecontrollables
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2020/09/29 @ 19:06
If you've asked yourself this questions during the last few months, you are not alone. Due to COVID 19 many teams or programs have been cancelled or drastically reduced. BUT We believe now more then ever physical activity for teens is Key, not only for their physical health but mental health as well. At a time when teaching your kids how important health and fitness are we are here for you. Small classes sizes and covid procedures in place. DM, visit our website or email link to keep your kids moving!!

#teensathleticprogram #weightlifting #sportsspecific #training #active #caledonia
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2020/09/03 @ 13:45
Caledonia, Ontario
At one point in time we all felt the urge to do better. Self improvement can be the missing link between common alignments and health. Mental and physical well being go hand in hand.

Comfort is the easy way out..... literally.

If you ever lost or endure the death of someone you may have heard the doctor say we are trying to make them as comfortable as possible. Rest assured that there is a time and place for comfort.
My experiences as an athletics coach for the past decade has taught me some very valuable lessons.

1.) if you want to make a change. YOU MUST COMMIT TO ACTION
2.) if you are Comfortable it will take you longer. We must step outside the comfort zone and teach ourselves what the rewards are when we do. Beneficial physiological adaptations will only occur when we push ourselves beyond comfort.
3.) nutrition is a crucial part to training. We must fuel our efforts with intentionally eating to support lean muscle mass and athletic expenditures.
4.) surround yourself with healthy choices and healthy people. If you want something you have to seek others that have it for support.
5.) do the things you do not want to do.
7.) believe in yourself
8.) everyone owes it to themselves to help inspires others to be better.
9.) the process is the Reward. It is in the daily actions that the changes take place. Therefore the beach body is a by product of the process. The PROCESS IS THE REWARD. EARN IT.
10.) lifestyle changes require no holds bar type of commitment. All in or Fold. Take the necessary daily actions to make the difference.
11.) we will not win all the time. Take it in stride it is all part of the process. Failing is a result of trying. Try harder and more often.
12.) get a Coach. Want better results then find a trainer that will hold you accountable, educate you and inspire you to become more.

My opinion is always free;)

Coach Nic

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