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The Best Choice For Functional Fitness In The Region.

As of the 26th December 2020 Attain Athletics will be closed as per the Provincial COVID-19 lockdown. We will be offering virtual classes in the interim.

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The closing of all recreation facilities due to Covid 19 is undoubtably devastating news. Attain Athletics must comply with government mandated regulations and is therefore
cancelling all classes until further notice.

  As of January 4th Attain Athletics will be moving our classes back to the Zoom Platform and lending out equipment for your home use.  We will operate on a month to month basis and are optimistic on training as per usual in February.  We will open on Sunday Jan 3rd, 2021 from 10am-11am to hold a curbside pick up for your equipment.  Sorry for any confusion as we are managing the best we can with the hand that we have been dealt.  Please use Zen Planner to reserve your classes and there will be a Zoom Link associated with your class times.
I would like to thank you all for your patience and persistence in your health endeavours.  If anything we will all be tech savvy after another turn online! 

Our sister company Attain Athletic Wellness, will continue to operate without interruption and is offering orthopaedic assessment to all athletes! The Massage Therapists, Athletic Therapist and Chiropractor, practice exercise based movement science to support you in your safe exercise and health goals.

An Orthopaedic Assessment will: Determine if you are healthy enough to exercise safely. Identify any movement dysfunction that exercise is indicated to reduce pain and improve mobility. Create a plan for injury rehabilitation. Specify any movements that should not be performed. Teach you how to optimize joint, muscle, nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular health. Assist with healthy weight management.

Contact us directly with any questions.

Attain Athletics

Circa 2012

Caledonia’s first functional fitness gym. 

We are a strength and conditioning facility which employs various athletic and sport training methodologies and constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.

Our workouts include gymnastics (body weight), plyometrics (jumping/landing) Powerlifting (Deadlift, back squat, bench press), Olympic weightlifting (clean and jerk, snatch), throwing and controlling external objects (medicine ball), Strongman ( farmer’s carry, atlas stones, lifting heavy objects), Kettlebells, running, rowing, and rope climbs.

We program our workouts to stimulate your body’s various energy pathways (phosphagen, anaerobic, and aerobic)

Mixing functional movement together will allow diversity in our training regimen.

Attain’s focus is on helping our athletes work towards their GPP (general physical preparedness.) We do so by incorporating various aspects of training methods on a daily basis.

We encourage our athletes to participate a minimum of 3 classes a week. Ideally the preferred prescription for participating is 3 days on followed by 1 day off. Second best is 5 days on 2 days off.

Our athletes vary in age from 12-70+yrs of age. Attain will teach an athlete (YOU) how to move properly and safely. Once the basic movements are learned we will be able to start more advanced movements and incorporate the movements in our WODs (workout of the day.)

Additionally we offer Nutrition coaching and our revere for optimal eating habits will allow you too gain the fullest degree of athleticism. You will be coached and educated on balanced dietary choices.

We have been helping people change their lives for almost a decade. Come in and see what your are missing.

Programs and Packages

Elite Fitness Program

Regular adult participation in daily WODs.  Challenging workouts in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Always scaleable to your personal needs.

$180 /month

Subject to HST

Masters 55+

Workouts geared towards the active masters.  Customized to maximize health and fitness in the more life experienced individual.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am


Subject to HST

Hybrid Nutrition and Elite Fitness

Regular adult participation in daily WODs combined with a personalized Nutrition Plan to maximize fitness and health gains.  Challenging workouts in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  Always scaleable to your personal needs.

$239 /month

Subject to HST


Get your sweat on in these fast paced, variety packed sessions!  3 times per week: Mondays @7:30pm, Wednesdays @7:30pm, and Saturdays @9:00am.  6-8 week sessions, price varies accordingly.  Contact us for details.

No Sweat Intro.

A 30 minute no charge consultation.  Come in, sit down with a coach and we will set up a game plan customized to your goals.

By Appointment Only

No Sweat Intro

Attain Athletics Coaches

Nic McCollum

Nic McCollum

Owner, Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids

Melissa Carson

Melissa Carson

Head Coach

CrossFit Level 2, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach (PN1), CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer.

Jennifer Richards

Jennifer Richards


CrossFit level 1, Brand X Kids

Lizzie Bradley

Lizzie Bradley


Nursing BScN, Kinesiology BA, Active Aging Certificate (ACC)

Justin Spoelstra

Justin Spoelstra


Brooke Hillman

Brooke Hillman


Sydney Hillman

Sydney Hillman



"Give Me Just A Few Short Hours Per Week And I'll Help You Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life"

Don’t struggle on your own. Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert nutrition coaching and accountability from Melissa Carson.  

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Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2021/01/13 @ 20:10
Stay healthy and fit while staying at home!
Virtual Bootcamp classes starting next week.
4 week session 2 classes per week!
$99 plus tax
to register now!
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2021/01/11 @ 17:55
We eat all day, everyday.. So why not get it right and look or feel the way you've always wanted?

We all have a lot of extra time and alot more motivation then ever right now. 😷😨

Interested in getting healthy and coming out of lockdown a few lbs lighter ? Hit the link in the bio and check it out.

#onlinecoaching #healthliving
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2021/01/11 @ 3:06
Attain crew, virtual Phys-Ed is still on this week!
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 3:15-4:00 and only 15$ per household!
Stay healthy and keep your kids moving !
Message coach Brooke to register!
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2021/01/06 @ 14:51
Sneak peek at a sample quick start quide provided to you on day 1 of our nutrition coaching.

We take a habit based approach to our nutrition coaching. Developing the skills and knowledge you need for long lasting results.

This is not a fad, quick fix or skinny tea gimmick.

We take it day by day, and go at a level your comfortable with, we solution any daily struggles that come up and tackle how best to approach an upcoming events etc. This is nutrition made to fit your life and give you RESULTS.

NEW members Sign up today. Opening January 11th. Deadline is January 10th.

Existing members if interested in trialing we have a few spaces available and will grant excess for the remainder of January. Comment below if you are up for a free trial because We want to thank you for you continued support and commitment to health and fitness! First come first serve♥️♥️
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2021/01/05 @ 14:17
Caledonia, Ontario
Looking for a new way to catch up with your friends?

All while setting heathy habits along the way?

We know starting something new especially online can be a bit scary so we have come up with a great offer. Why not grab 3 of your friends and have your own private challenge?

Nothing like friends to keep you accountable. Plus access to a nutriton coach, online nutriton platform and a 1x per week sweat session! Interested?


Starting Jan 11th.

Min group of 4.

Coach: Melissa (precision nutrition coach, CFL2 coach, certified kettlebell instructor and pain free performance specialist)

Sign up by emailing:

#girlsnight #privatetraining #onlinecoaching
Attain Athletics
Attain Athletics2021/01/04 @ 19:11
Fitness isn’t about building a better body, it’s about building a better life.
Let us help your kids start building a healthier life now! Just one more day until our online youth Phys-Ed classes start!
Classes run Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:15-4:00 and are $15 per week per household.
Email Coach Brooke to register now!

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Location: #2B-18 Industrial Dr. Caledonia

Phone: 905 912-2926


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Jennifer Richards:

Mailing Address: 357 Haller Place, Caledonia, ON.