Here at Crossfit Attain we are lucky to have some strong, resilient, and determined athletes.. today we are sharing just one story because to not share it would be a disservice to those out there who are going through the same heartache’s and struggles trying to find a healthier, happier and pain free way to live… because.. guess what? It does exist.

I’ve spoken with a ton of people who want a different way to live, but can’t seem to take that next step forward.  What’s holding you back? What would your life look like if you didn’t think of the reasons why you can’t do something… and instead just jumped in-feet first and stayed committed to your goal?

Meet Bonnie, at 65 years old she is fitter then most people I know that are half her age. We had a feeling  she was pretty special when quite early on she popped into a fully inverted position and repped out some scaled handstand pushups but it turns out she’s even more special then we imagined..

Bonnie Scott’s Journey to Crossfit

My Journey started with surgery upon surgery on my feet due to Arthritis, a Kidney removed because of a cancerous tumor and then back surgery.  This 10 year span was years of pain, pain medication and at times caused me to be wheel chair bound. I knew exercise was important, and would park 6 blocks away from work to force myself to walk even though I was in pain..

When my elderly mom passed away, after 10 years of being her primary caregiver, I was looking for something to fill my evenings. I happened to see an advertisement for a  6 week challenge for over +40. I signed up and was immediately hooked on crossfit.

A year later.. I am going strong, Coach Nic, Melissa & Jen make sure you perform every movement correctly using proper form.  They encourage & motivate me to do better. Overtime, my pain gradually decreased. Now I seldom use any pain meds. I can do things I haven’t done in years! I recently have started to run in class, which was impossible when I started.

Not only that, but my stress level at work was not good. I was exhausted by the end of the day and would just want to go home and lay down in the quiet. Now I go to class 4x a week, when I am done, my stress is gone.  I am stronger. I am in less pain. I eat cleaner and am the fittest I have ever been.

I am still learning to eat better thanks to Melissa and Nic, but a year later I have lost 15lbs, gained muscle, new skills and 90% of my pain is gone. I LOVE CROSSFIT.

Needless to say we are beyond proud of Bonnie and her accomplishments and thankful she took that first step. Just do it! Try something!

There are times we aren’t even sure Bonnie realizes how inspirational she is.  As most of us know, its not easy to stay committed to goals and make into the gym day in and day out.   So come meet Bonnie and the rest of us, and see what you can accomplish. They say you’re the average of the people you spend the most time with.. so surround yourself with people: who are chasing similar goals, encourage you, and ensure proper form and your rate of success will multiply ten-fold!

Melissa Carson CFL2