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Brooke Hillman


My journey at Attain started like most people’s fitness journeys do,

I wanted to become more fit and work towards a healthier life… But let’s be honest, that’s a lot easier said then done so my journey came with many years of hesitation and half hearted attempts to get in shape that left me feeling hopeless about fitness all together.  In January 2020 Attain advertised they were hosting free Saturday workouts for the month of January in order to offer some insight to new members.  My sister and I tried them out and instantly fell in love with not only the fitness portion, but also the incredibly positive and supportive atmosphere that Attain Athletics brought.  We instantly signed up after our first class and have been loving every minute of it since then.

Since I was young I have always found myself in some sort of sport or fitness activity to keep myself busy.  I was a provincial level gymnast and power tumbler until the end of high school as well as being involved in many school sports.  I then joined the cheerleading team once I moved on to university for my four years of undergrad. I have also coached gymnastics for 9 years, and helped co-coach my universities cheerleading team for my last year.  After partaking in so many sports I loved over my entire lifetime, I never thought I would be able to find something that brought me the same amount of joy that my competitive sports did, but Attain has completely done that for me.  I always look forward to classes and the remarkable unique experience that the Attain brings every day that I am there. I am extremely excited to continue my coaching journey at Attain Athletics and hope that I can make you fall in love with fitness, but more importantly, taking care of yourself and loving every minute of it. 


Coach Brooke