This whole “girls shouldnt have too much muscle” is a real thorn in my side.

A friend of a women who is apart of our team told her to slow down, not to get any “bigger”, men won’t find that attractive. This is a fit woman with a fair amount of lean muscle who is now supposed to stall her progress and hold back on the good advice of a friend.

Who decided this? Why do they get to determine whats attractive?

Ladies, be strong, don’t conform or limit your abilities to fit what someone else has deemed to be the standard of what is attractive.

Make your own way.

Instead, focus: on what you’ve learned, what you’ve trained your body to do, the increased independence you’ve received, the amount of skills you have that others aren’t able to do, increasing your health, slowing down aging, and best yet, setting an example for the girls around you.

There is no better feeling then knowing I give every effort my all, knowing I’ve pushed myself and the big one -> the sense of achievement as I get better. How boring a fitness regime would be if you stayed the same? And not because we wanted to..but because someone said we had to, to be “attractive”.

Guess what? We can be strong, give 100% effort and be attractive. If your kind, happy and treat others with respect you will attract all the right people you need to. Muscle’s and all.

Coach Melissa CFL2, Pn1