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Jennifer Richards

CrossFit Level 1, Brand X Kids

My story with Attain begins much like everyone else’s fitness journey, I wanted to get fit, move better and lose weight.  

In September 2017 I decided to try something different, full of fear and anxiety I joined Attain.  It was hard, it was frightening and it was AWESOME!  As a wife and a mom of three I had dedicated the past decade (or two) to making sure the family ran smoothly and everyone’s needs were met.  I had put my own goals on the back burner.  Something I know most moms can totally understand.  But this was different, it was for me and it was time.  With the support of my Husband and kids, I stuck with it, and I really started to enjoy it.  

It was the coaches and the other clients that made it easy to keep coming back.  It was like no gym I had been part of before.  Although I was at a different level than some of the other athletes, I felt like I really belonged.  Every single Member at Attain is important, and treated like family. 

In January of 2018 Coach Nic asked if I would be interested in taking my BrandX Kids Coaching course so that I could assist him in running some of our youth programs.  It was a no brainer!  I achieved my certificate in March and my coaching journey began.

With lots of practice and patience, my confidence grew and I was ready to take the next step.  In February 2019 I achieved my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate.  Something I am VERY proud of.  I am now coaching all ages and all levels of fitness, and I honestly loved doing it!   

Attain Athletics is the place for everyone, it is a place where YOU matter!  Let us help you achieve your goals and become the best YOU! 

Coach JenR

BrandX Kids & CFL1 Trainer