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Melissa Carson

CrossFit Level 2, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

I am a bit of a late starter when it comes to having found my “inner” athlete.  I wasnt the one skipping math class, No, No it was definetly the annual 1600m run in gym class that would have me forging my fake sick note.  However when I got older it wasn’t for lack of trying, but I just couldn’t find anything that accomplished getting me fit! .. I would spend hours at the gym, doing spinning, hot yoga and very light weight training back to back to back. Plodding along rather aimlessly but killing myself thinking why am I not making any difference? I’d eat next to nothing…and burn myself out thinking Why dont I look like the 10+ hours of training I am putting in? Thankfully, I found Attain Athletics.  Finally the answer! It developed my fitness capacity so fast, with less training, more challenge, more excitement and with endless benefits. I finally looked like the girl that works out… my confidence soared…I wasnt bored and met a ton of supportive members who wanted me to do well and cheered me on when I was trying to finish a workout.  Funnily enough my new found confidence wasn’t from how I looked, but instead how much I was accomplishing. At Attain your fitness is measurable.. Your lifts go up, you get faster…all of sudden its not about how you look but how you perform. Thats the magic and that is is what led me  down a path of learning.. And how i got turned onto nutrition. The better my nutrition, the bettter my workout… It finally all tied together. Having obviously taken a long road to get to where I am now, I have to help others understand how this works! Don’t try to guess on your own, let our team help you. We’ve taken the long road to get to where we are so you dont have to.
Qualifications: Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (CFL1) , Crossfit Level 2 trainer(CFL2),  Percision Nutrition Certified Coach (Pn1), Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer, Crossfit Scaling, Crossfit lesson planning, Crossfit Spot the flaw, and Crossfit Anatomy.