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Nic McCollum

CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids

 I started Attain Athletics in April 2012
Having been involved in minor sports as a youth I had lost my passion for exercise. I worked out on a regular basis but never really challenged myself to become a better version of myself. 
I found myself involved in MMA in my 20’s as my competitive nature took hold of the challenges you faced when grappling with more seasoned martial artists.
It was a few years of body building and MMA before I stumble upon one of my fellow martial artist performing bar muscle ups (google them!) at a globo gym we both attended. So naturally my curiosity brought me to ask him what exactly it was that he was doing!?
I was intrigued with these movements in a mixed up hectic (intense) paced circuit of exercises.
That is where my passion and interest for bettering myself stemmed.
It was a few months into my new fitness  journey when my father passed away. It was a surprise to us to have learned Bob (Dad) had died of a massive stroke as he slept early one morning. Bob was 64 yrs young that sad September morning. By now you can probably see where this is going… perhaps been there yourself. It is a hard place to be. That was my “Why”! To set an example of choice to my children.
I made the choice to attend my CFL1 training certificate. It was then January of 2012 that my mission to open Attain Athletics began.
Almost a decade later I still find myself driven from my own results but it is the results of our community, our Attain Crew which binds me to helping others.
Strength and conditioning, exercise, weight loss, motivation, accountability, drive, helping others be the choice that will take them from hurt to comfort from comfort to health. To teach people that it is only one choice at a time. One better meal, one more rep, to encourage rest instead of more. Known what I did when I first began it was a means of setting examples for my children, my loved ones, family and friends. Now more than that. It is about providing the best service to those who find themselves searching for the Best Version of Themselves.
It is in you.
Why? What is your Why?
We will help find your reason. Your answer. Further to that we will Guide and Coach you there.
I am more than committed to helping our “Crew” work towards their “WHY”.
I am committed to grow our community through different sources to better serve our community.
Let us show you how. We live the challenges and stand by our fitness program.  Attain Athletics is Caledonia’s better choice.
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Coach Nic