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Sydney Hillman


My story at Attain started in an unconventional way.

My sister actually convinced me to come with her and try out a few classes in January 2020 as she was interested in joining. I initially hesitated as I did not think this was the place for me but after two days I was hooked. I was a competitive gymnast for 10+ years of my life and I did not think anything could match how I felt when I was training for that. Well little did I know, Attain Athletics did exactly that.  

I coached gymnastics for 11 years and have just recently retired as I started my teaching career. I never saw myself picking coaching back up, but when Nic asked I jumped at the chance. I love coming to the gym to train and/or coach, it is a place that shares such a unique and special community within its walls. The support from everyone is unmatched and has truly built me to be a better athlete.  

I have always been an active person, participating in various school sports throughout high-school. Following the end of these I wanted to keep up my fitness but found that going to a gym was something I dreaded doing and instead did because I felt that I “had to”. After training here, I have never been more excited and driven to work on my fitness (even though some of the WODs almost kill me). It is an environment that keeps pushing you to improve yourself, while working alongside some of the best members. 

I look forward to starting my coaching certifications and seeing how I can progress in this world of fitness. 

Thanks so much,

Coach Sydney