“I am very pleased to announce that we will be relocating CrossFit Attain.  We have had access to the new facility as of November 1st, 2018.  It is located at 449 Mines Road (100m south of Unity Side Road).
The property is on a sprawling 90 acres of farm land with outstanding views of the rolling country side.  We will be able to train both outside and inside and run in the beautiful country setting.  We will have a Members lounge area to relax in after a tough WOD or grab a coffee and chat with your Crew mates.  LOTS of parking and a nice big welcome entrance!  There will be a Personal Training studio as well for private training.
We will be spending some time outfitting the new gym in order to make it truly an amazing space for us to grow our community. When I first started Attain in April 2012 it was always my mission to help those stay healthy and to teach others what health is.  Close to 7 years later WITH your help we have built a Crew of knowledgeable coaches that have the same interests.  We want to help our community become the best versions of themselves.  We look forward to many years of offering our services to you, while at the same time we will stay committed to improving ourselves as people and coaches.  With the opportunity of a larger space to train in, we will be able to have ample room to skip, throw, run and lift.  The coaches will be able to move more freely and watch all athletes from all kinds of angles!  This will help you as an athlete stay true to form and increase consistency in your movements.  
With this move we will be increasing our Membership Rates.  As of January 1st , 2019 our CF Attain Unlimited Membership will be $170/month.  This increase will help to secure our new space as well as allow us to improve on your experience at OUR new location.  We vow only to get better and we greatly appreciate your patronage.  
CrossFit Attain 2019 is going to prove to be out of our perception of AMAZING.


CF Unlimited 3-6X/week $170
CF Master $129
CF Nutrition Hybrid $239

Attain Athletic Development
1X/week $89
2X/wee $149
3-5X/week $169

Coach Nic
CFL2, CFKids